Donald Trump is using his platform to condemn the guilty verdict handed down against him in New York, calling it a fraud and corrupt, while also saying he intended to take the stand.

The ex-Prez talked to the media again Friday at Trump Tower in New York City, his first official press conference since being convicted Thursday on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, which he describes as totally ludicrous, given the deck was stacked against him.

DT rattled off what he believes he did with Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, characterizing the alleged hush money payment as nothing more than a standard business expense that was on the up and up, before slamming the judge and blaming Biden for the case being brought.

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Trump also complained about being under a gag order, which he was found to have broken and was fined thousands of dollars for, and he dismissed the idea that he was being threatened with jail time. Even now, he risks years behind bars, which he considers absurd.

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Interestingly, Trump also claims he was eager to testify on his own side, which he claims his lawyers eventually recommended him against because he was afraid of being penalized for technically saying something incorrectly and being found guilty of perjury.

Trump claims the entire incident was nothing more than a political witch hunt, and then goes on to make a stump speech in which he lists the problems he sees in the country. Same old, same old.

The guy is the first U.S. president to be convicted of a felony… and yet, he’s more fired up than ever — as are his loyal supporters, who were outraged by the verdict. Time will tell whether this helps or hurts him, and what his punishment will be.

Bottom line: Trump is as belligerent as ever, and he still claims innocence.