A mayoral candidate in Mexico was slain at point-blank range, and the horrific act was captured on video, with the perpetrator also being gunned down.

Be warned, this video is quite gruesome — Alfredo Cabrera is shown smiling and greeting supporters during his final campaign rally stop in Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrero, on Wednesday… just moments before he is viciously shot while being filmed.

The offender isn’t fully visible in the video, but you can see a gun in their hand, proudly pointing toward the back of Cabrera’s head as he prepares to address 300 fans — and then they shoot.

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The footage becomes grainy, but you can hear several more gunshots followed by panicked yells from horrified fans.

Another terrible video obtained later shows Cabrera’s lifeless body lying on the ground at the abandoned campaign rally event, as well as the body of the alleged gunman.

In a statement, Guerrero’s current governor, Evelyn Salgado, condemned the crime as cowardly and urged the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guerrero to conduct a thorough investigation and apply the full weight of the law to the gunman and all those responsible for the crime.

However, according to the prosecutor’s office, the alleged attacker was slain on the spot.

Cabrera’s assassination brings the total number of killed candidates, mostly running for mayor or town council, during Mexico’s 2024 election cycle to 36, making it the country’s bloodiest election ever.

Just the day before, a mayoral candidate in the central state of Morelos died tragically, while another was shot and critically injured in western Jalisco.