Tina Knowles enjoys bragging about her children and telling us things they might not admit to themselves.

This time, Mama Tina discusses Beyoncé, Solange, and Kelly Rowland’s childhoods and how she raised them to value their uniqueness. After speaking on Vogue’s The Run Through podcast, Knowles stated that Beyoncé was tormented as a child because she was “very shy.”

However, the 70-year-old revealed, “The day she stood up for someone, she didn’t stand up for herself, but she stood up for them — I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.” I could not have been prouder of her.”

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She later admitted that Solange has “always been an activist” and will frequently go out “getting petitions signed.” Knowles also considers Rowland to be one of her daughters, claiming that the Mea Culpa star was always her protector.

“Kelly was always this kid that tried to protect everybody […] I have this memory of her just being this little peacemaker,” she admitted.

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The doting grandmother-entrepreneur captioned the image, “Each child is unique! But it’s all very special. I believe that children are born with their personalities. My three girls handled things in very different ways. Learn about their characteristics and respect their originality.

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She ended the post with a message to other parents: “Never compare the disadvantages; instead, celebrate the positive distinctions and focus on the things you can brag about. They adore it, and it promotes great conduct.”

All three women, who are now moms, brag about their own children and parenting in unique ways. Rowland just launched a Lego ad with her two sons and husband. Solange’s only child exclaimed that she is one of the world’s “best-dressed” people and that her work ethic motivates him. Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s oldest kid is following in her footsteps by starring in a new live-action Lion King film, barely a year after co-headlining the RENAISSANCE World Tour.