Diddy is currently under investigation by the Justice Department.

Diddy is one of the most powerful music moguls in the world. However, he is currently under investigation by the Justice Department. As we previously reported, Diddy’s properties were raided a few months back. This sparked much conjecture about what would happen next. Furthermore, the probe occurred in the middle of multiple lawsuits and charges against the artist. Since November of last year, Puff has been accused of sexual assault, rape, trafficking, and physical abuse, among other crimes.

Most recently, Diddy was caught on camera aggressively abusing Cassie. This hotel footage from 2016 surprised the hip-hop community. Furthermore, a recent Rolling Stone article featured testimonials from Diddy’s former friends, and they were not kind. The mogul’s situation seemed to have deteriorated further this morning. According to TMZ, this is primarily due to the formation of a Grand Jury in New York. The Grand Jury is located in the Southern District of New York, and it has been observed that witnesses may be called to testify before it soon.

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Following a months-long investigation, it appears that prosecutors are preparing to submit the information they have compiled. The Grand Jury will then consider the evidence and decide whether Diddy will be indicted and on what charges. According to reports, Homeland Security has been extremely cautious in its investigation and is doing everything possible to construct a strong case. While it is unclear whether Diddy will be indicted, this latest information surely puts the mogul at jeopardy.