When Sean Kingston returns to Florida, he will face a slew of charges in his fraud case, with cops claiming he and his mother purchased about a million dollars in merchandise… without paying.

According to the arrest warrant obtained in Broward County, the singer faces ten offenses in connection with the raid performed by Sheriff’s officers last week, the most serious of which is an alleged coordinated plot to defraud various companies.

According to the documents, Sean and his mother, Janice Turner, defrauded a jeweler, an exotic car dealer, and many other businesses out of six-figure sums. For example, the vehicle dealer claim involves a Cadillac Escalade for $159,701.49… and the jewelry was worth $480,000!

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Sean is also facing a grand theft allegation for a $86,568.33 piece of furniture: a bespoke bed.

All of the other allegations stem from bank fraud and faulty checks. Janice is facing a total of eight accusations.

One of the charges against Sean is a probation violation. He was on probation for trafficking stolen goods. As previously reported, he is set to appear in a San Bernardino court on Tuesday for his extradition hearing, before being returned to Florida.

He has been jailed without bail since his arrest last Thursday.