The story of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish’s alleged feud continues, with many believing that both ladies are constantly sneak-dissing one another in a number of ways.

While there has been no evidence of any actual ill will between the two popstars, fans of both have began to observe micro-aggressive behaviors that appear to reference the other.

A large part of this is due to Swift’s decision to release various reissues of her recent double album, Tortured Poets Department, on the same day as Eilish’s third studio album, Hit Me Hard & Soft. This virtually ended Eilish’s chances of topping the album charts this week.

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However, the tale appears to go much deeper than that, with many fans speculating that Swift’s probable conflict with Eilish derives from the 22-year-old’s general criticism of the music industry’s wastefulness, something she takes very seriously as an environmentalist.

Many assumed Eilish’s words were about Swift, who has been famously chastised for her wastefulness in terms of private jet usage and the release of multiple variations of vinyl albums, all of which contain environmentally hazardous components.

Billie went on to note in an Instagram story that her views, specifically about vinyl records, were not meant at anyone in particular, but rather addressed a systemic issue inside the music industry.

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Despite this, many people assume there is animosity between the two music artists. While Billie threw gasoline to the fire by disclosing that she had sent a special promotional box for her album to Kim Kardashian, Taylor’s longtime rival, the Cruel Summer singer recently added her own.

Along with the extra additions to her album, which was published the same week as Billie’s, Swift also released a special remix of her song, Fortnight, created by environmentalist music producer BLOND:ISH, as part of the week’s rereleases.

Many Eilish supporters believe Swift’s decision to be so active this week, barely over a month after her album’s initial release, was a deliberate attempt to take the spotlight away from Eilish’s release. One fan even pointed out that Swift did something similar to SZA in 2022 and received criticism for it as well.

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“She basically blocked her from number 1 in 2022 by doing the same shenanigans as she’s now to block Billie,” a Reddit user said. “She released multiple variants of Anti Hero just so SZA couldn’t claim the top spot.”

While these are just coincidences and the two pop singers are not at odds, Swift’s intermittent further push for Tortured Poets Department will most likely sting the Bad Guy singer if it keeps the #1 slot over Hit Me Hard & Soft this week.