In the ever-changing environment of digital broadcasting, content providers and broadcasters are always looking for sustainable revenue strategies.

YouTube, famed for its cost-free net revenue earning platform, has transformed how independent producers monetise their material. However, because YouTube’s platform is primarily user-generated content (UGC), its approach for monetizing TV episodes and movies has limitations.

The Challenge of YouTube Monetization
The idea that the majority of content adjacent to commercials is not of studio quality has a significant impact on YouTube’s discoverability and ad placement. This perspective influences the value and treatment of the content. Furthermore, traditional television typically displays 8-15 minutes of advertising each hour, whereas YouTube only provides a fraction of this, limiting ad positioning and revenue possibilities. YouTube strives to balance the number of advertisements in order to preserve audience pleasure, rather than justifying content expenditure using a UGC algorithm.

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Professional Connected TV (CTV) platforms provide a monetization model similar to broadcast and movie theater advertising, which funds high-quality content. However, this ecosystem has been harmed by many ad-tech businesses taking a disproportionate part of revenue, lowering profitability for program creators and traditional broadcasters. Despite the fact that CTV platforms generate three times more advertising per hour than YouTube, content creators frequently receive a lower revenue share.

View TV, in cooperation with their consumer-facing platform KAPANG, has launched Kapang ADX. This new technology creates a long-term revenue model for linear broadcasters and content companies by using the increased advertising spots available every hour watched. Kapang ADX leverages YouTube’s ad-sales efficiency while requiring only one provider, streamlining the process and maximizing revenue sharing.

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Kapang ADX combines the user-friendly features of YouTube with the effective earning possibilities of CTV platforms. It earns more than four times the revenue of other CTV solutions and more than doubles that of YouTube. Furthermore, it improves discoverability and offers a premium place for independent content companies and broadcasters. This is accomplished without the need for expensive standalone apps, as viewers prefer a centralized platform such as YouTube.

View TV’s release of Kapang ADX is a big step forward in digital broadcast monetization. It bridges the gap between YouTube’s accessibility and the income potential of professional CTV platforms, providing a holistic digital solution for content creators and broadcasters alike.