Have you noticed that there are more sports than ever on television? Sports that were previously unknown on television, such as pickleball, are now broadcast on big networks such as CBS.

In addition, TruTV was rebranded as a sports network as Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to expand its sports programming offerings.

So, why are we suddenly seeing a deluge of sports on television in ways we didn’t a few years ago, let alone more than ten years ago? In brief, cord cutting.

Sports are becoming an increasingly important reason why people continue to use a live TV subscription. To become more appealing to sports fans, networks have been looking for more sports content to increase viewership.

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The second major reason sports are becoming so popular on TV networks and streaming services is because marketers pay more for commercials during sports programming than they do during traditional programming. The reason for this is that most people watch sports live, making them less likely to miss the advertisements. Advertisers are actively seeking sports programming to ensure their advertisements are seen. This raises the cost of certain adverts, helping to offset revenue losses in other areas.

As cord cutting grows, expect sports to become even more visible on traditional TV packages.