Apple’s original Siri voice is praising Scarlett Johansson for standing up against ChatGPT’s newest voice, which sounds eerily similar to her own.

Speaking to “The TMZ Podcast” on Thursday, Susan noted how Scarlett’s prominence is really shining a spotlight on the issue, which has been a problem for a while, with loads of regular voice actors losing out on employment every day as a result of the AI explosion.

Susan claims that even her own famous voice appears in unexpected places, and she relies on her friends to keep an ear out for her resemblance so that her agency can track down those companies and ensure she is compensated.

Susan empathizes with Scarlett and completely understands why she’s enlisting attorneys when OpenAI, the designer of ChatGPT, unveiled an AI voice that sounds extremely similar to hers, despite the fact that she’d previously denied the company’s offer to be the product’s voice.

As previously noted, OpenAI christened the new voice “Sky” when it was debuted in December, and many people believed it resembled Scarlett’s AI character in the 2013 film “Her.”

SJ made it clear that she never granted the company’s big powers, including CEO Sam Altman, the green light when they approached her in September about being the voice of the current ChatGPT 4.0 model.

In reaction, Altman told TMZ earlier this week that the voice of Sky was never meant to mimic Scarlett’s… but out of respect for the actress, they removed the voice entirely.