Jung Joon-young, who completed a prison sentence for gang rape, has revealed that he is preparing to resume his music career.

According to an exclusive report from Xports News on the 22nd, Jung Joon-young has recently met with music business insiders, indicating his desire to continue his music career as a producer and hinting at a possible comeback to the

According to sources, Jung is considering a new career as a music producer rather than a singer, in light of the public’s poor view of him upon his release. Jung, unable to let go of his enthusiasm for music, has approached industry connections about collaborating on music projects. Interest in Jung’s post-release actions has grown recently, particularly following the BBC’s report on the 2019 Burning Sun controversy. Despite several speculations, including plans to relocate abroad, Jung’s subtle efforts to re-enter the music scene are gaining traction.

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Jung Joon-young, former Burning Sun MD Kim, office worker Kwon, and former entertainment agency employee Heo gang-raped women between January and March 2016, and illegally videotaped the incidents. Jung was sentenced to five years in prison for sharing the tape in a chatroom with other celebrities, including Seungri, and freed in March of this year.

Jung, who was at the center of a horrible sexual crime, had practically been removed from the entertainment world.