Skai has been focused on expanding its streaming and connected television (CTV) offerings. The company has traditionally offered advertising goods connected to search, social media, and retail media, including not only advertising but also measurement.

Retailers are driving the expansion of digital services into streaming and CTV. It is now critical to identify how to measure media when integrating traditional digital services with CTV.

“When there isn’t a solution, we create and build one,” explains Noa Reikhav, Skai’s vice president of product management, when asked about how to “view the measurement in tandem with the advertising program.”

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She acknowledges that there is a lot more data when it comes to CTV and conventional digital. The industry has measures for measuring CTV advertisements, but Skai’s biggest difficulty has become the capacity to connect them to other media.

CTV is normally assessed in terms of frequency and reach. Search and other performance-based media are measured by return on ad spend. The dilemma is whether it makes sense to create a new metric and what it should look like.

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“Developing analytical frameworks might include new metrics,” Reikhav states. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, she says, because the only moment to create a new metric or standard “is when you have all these types of data from all the different channels.”

Skai, which has over 600 employees worldwide, is present on several retail media networks and media platforms, providing insight into how to develop this cross measure.

It has connections with major advertising platforms including Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Instacart, Walmart Connect, and Target.

Skai is also aiming to form new collaborations in the CTV market, though Reikhav would not give names.

It has grown increasingly challenging to maintain Skai’s partnerships with over 100 retail platforms, whether through direct API connections or third-party connections via companies such as Criteo.

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The questions range from how much of the budget should be spent on media to what works well and how to optimize. “They want to know where to spend their next $100,000,” says Skai’s VP of Marketing, Michelle Urwin.

Advertisers are searching for a fully integrated advertising system. There are simply too many platforms, particularly social ones like Facebook and TikTok. In April, the company announced a set of full-funnel solutions powered by generative AI (GAI) and Microsoft Copilot.

With 65% of advertisers including social commerce into their retail media plan and 60% employing offsite advertisements, Skai believes that decisioning, activation, and optimization tools will boost success.

The new tools are Commerce Display, Social Commerce, Commerce Incrementality, Next-Generation Commerce Optimization, and Executive Copilot.