Charlie Ergen, the primary owner of DISH, is the new owner of the building where the company’s headquarters is located. DISH moved to sell this building last week.

In 2022, Ergen established Conx Corp. as a special purpose purchase vehicle, as reported by 9News Denver. With this action, DISH and its wireless operations will receive $26.75 million while it looks for funding to complete the construction of its 5G network and stay out of bankruptcy.

For a some now, DISH has been having financial difficulties. In an attempt to resolve these problems, it recently merged with EchoStar; nonetheless, as stated in a filing made with the SEC in March of last year, DISH will require a “substantial amount of cash” within the following 12 months. According to EchoStar, this “raises substantial doubt about [the company’s] ability to continue as a going [sic] concern.”

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Additionally, DISH expressed grave concerns about the company’s viability, or “substantial doubt.” Craig Moffett, an analyst at Moffett Nathanson, claims that DISH’s mobile and pay-TV businesses are likewise “spiraling towards bankruptcy.”

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The CEO of DISH stated that the company is actively seeking new investors in order to address this. Many people question if DISH could file for bankruptcy in the event that company cannot raise the necessary funds. One way it might raise money to support the business is by selling its office.

The number of subscribers to DISH’s main satellite TV service and Sling TV streaming platform is still declining. With 348,000 fewer TV members overall in the first quarter of this year, the business now has 8.178 million TV subscribers. The streaming service offered by DISH, Sling TV, lost about 135,000 customers. 213,000 more DISH TV subscribers departed. Compared to the same time last year, when the corporation lost 552,000 TV customers, this is an improvement.

To complete the construction of its 5G network, DISH will require an extra $3 billion. But will DISH be able to complete the construction of its 5G network before going bankrupt?