Kendrick Lamar faced Drake in what many consider to be the biggest rap fight in the genre’s history.

Overall, it was a rough war, with Kendrick winning because to popular songs like “Not Like Us” and devilish tracks like “Meet The Grahams.” Although some believed Drake’s hitmaking powers would be too much to handle, Lamar proved them wrong. “Not Like Us” is currently at number one on the Billboard charts, and others believe it could be the song of the summer.

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The streaming figures for all of the diss songs that were released have received a lot of attention in the last week or two. For example, people have started comparing “Family Matters” to “Not Like Us.” According to Rap TV, Drake’s Spotify ratings aren’t looking great. We say this because “Not Like Us” was streamed 70.9 million times in its first week, compared to 38 million for “Family Matters”. This means Kendrick nearly doubled Drake’s performance.

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Furthermore, Kendrick even outstreamed Drake with “Euphoria,” which received 49 million streams. Drake’s “Push Ups” received 18 million streams despite the fact that it had only been available for a few weeks, so you can’t blame him for that. Regardless, “Like That” remained a great success, with 34 million streams. Finally, “Meet The Grahams” had a successful first week, garnering 27.7 million streams. Given the melancholy tone of this song, this is a really respectable debut. Regardless, it appears that the people have spoken and are awarding Kendrick the final victory.