Diddy isn’t hiding from cameras in the wake of the Cassie video — if anything, he’s making a point to be out in public … Stepping out into the wild and seemingly foreshadowing a few things, if these photos are any clue.

The rap mogul appeared unconcerned as he smoked a cigar on a leisurely stroll around his Miami neighborhood Sunday. Diddy appeared to be indicating something with his attire, dressed in all-white and wearing a medallion featuring a childhood portrait of himself and his father. He did, however, remain silent when confronted by photographers.

Instead, the rapper responded with a single word: “Love”. Which he supported by forming the letter “L” with his hand. It’s difficult to determine for certain what he’s trying to convey, but on the surface, he appears to be demonstrating that he’s not afraid to be in the spotlight… Even now, many in the public have turned against him.

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Mind you… This is Diddy’s first public appearance since the publication of 2016 hotel security footage showing Puff beating on his ex, which he also addressed in an apologetic video this weekend.

Diddy is facing numerous other charges in several civil actions… But he has passionately disputed such allegations and maintained his innocence. His lawyer reportedly described the March raids on Diddy’s Miami and Los Angeles homes as a “witch hunt”… Notably, the rapper was never apprehended by police.

A federal probe is proceeding.