When the cameras turned off on Sunday’s “American Idol” finale after 21-year-old Abi Carter won, it signaled the end of the Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan judging triangle that had been on televisions throughout the country since 2018.

Perry said in February that she would leave at the end of Season 22 to “go and see the world and maybe bring new music.”

Following the finale taping, Richie told media outlets, “This is bittersweet because we’re going to lose one of the originators, if you will,” of the show’s tenure on ABC, which moved there in 2018 after a long run on Fox.

He went on to say, “We were a train wreck when we first met. I knew Katy and Luke, but we’d never worked together. … When we learned Katy was going to come out of her clothing somewhere during the act – a malfunction – and Luke was going to eat the pizza and drop it on his lap, it was enough to keep us on edge. But it worked.

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“I’ll miss this gang. “Katy will be missed.”

Who will take Katy Perry’s place on ‘American Idol’? Judges hint at replacement alternatives.

Less than an hour after Perry’s final “Idol” episode wrapped, wondering minds wondered what would happen to the gap she was leaving behind.

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Throughout the season, the “Idol” judges have mentioned names of Perry’s potential replacements, such Meghan Trainor and Jelly Roll, but the truth is that no one has been chosen for the job as of yet, according to the fans.

However, the ABC veterans have some expectations for their new colleague.

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Richie said, “You need to bring your character. Be who you are. Katy’s Katy. It’s like singing Whitney Houston’s song. Do not try to sing it like Whitney; instead, interpret it.”

The next judge must have “personality,” a “quirk,” and the ability to “tolerate two crazy brothers like me and Luke,” he explained.

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Richie went on to say, “There are many artists out there that can sing, but in order to join a very successful team, you must be confidence in your own abilities. You know who you are and will be here forever. It has to be someone who identifies with the youth culture.”

Perry wasn’t afraid to talk about the person who would be taking her job.

“I’m leaving before I can get fired!” she joked.

On a more serious note, she continued, “I’m looking for someone who is honest. Someone who is productive with their words. Someone who leads with their heart – heart-centered and less ego – and isn’t scared to speak their thoughts, even if it’s polarizing at times, isn’t frightened of bad remarks, isn’t afraid of being booed as long as they’re expressing their mind and being true to themselves.

Bryan responded, “It’ll really be interesting to see who they choose.”

Katy Perry’s ‘What Makes a Woman’ duet spotlights her stunning finale dress: ‘The largest skirt ever’

Perry’s dress unfurled into a sentimental piece of art as she was hoisted at least a dozen feet above the stage for her final performance as a “Idol” judge, a duet of “What Makes A Woman” with third-place finisher Jack Blocker, whom she had been suspicious about at the beginning of the season.

Below a metallic bodice was a skirt with the faces of Top 24 contestants from her seven-season “Idol” stint.

“It was going to be a pretty skirt with a silver top, but I said, ‘No, let’s do something.'” Let’s take a moment. “Let’s pay tribute to all the contestants,” Perry added. “It was just to show how much these kids have really lifted me up.”

She came up with the idea, and her costume designer Heather (probably Heather Picchiottino) turned it into a reality within a week, she claimed. “It was just one of those on-the-spot ideas, and we were like, ‘Can we do this? “Can we complete this in time?” Perry stated. “I was like, ‘No, I want the, like, biggest skirt ever and I want to keep rising.'”

Perry was pleased with the winner chosen by viewers for her send-off when she reflected on how she felt about the end of her “American Idol” experience. “I’m ecstatic that Abi won. It was like the cherry on top of my seasons; ending there, it just felt like we’d arrived precisely where we’d worked so hard to get to,” Perry remarked. “She checks a lot of boxes.

“I think (‘Idol’) actually is still, now, one of the only shows that makes stars or opens doors on that path to stardom,” she said.