Do you enjoy the multiview feature of YouTube TV on your television? Do you wish you could watch many games on your mobile device?

Now, it appears like YouTube TV has begun to roll out multiview to mobile devices, allowing you to watch multiple March Madness games on your phone at once. This was first released in March for iPhones and iPads, and it is now available on Android devices, as first reported at the end of April but verified by Google.

This comes after Cord Cutters News reported in January that Google was experimenting allowing consumers to choose which games appear in their YouTube TV multiview window. Last February, YouTube TV formally revealed this new function and began rolling it out to users.

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One of YouTube TV’s biggest features is the option to watch up to four athletic or news events simultaneously on the same screen. The only drawback has been that users have been unable to choose which games appear in these windows. Instead, YouTube TV provides you with a variety of readymade multiview settings to choose from. Now, with YouTube TV, you may create your own multiview from a pre-selected list of games.

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Google verified to Cord Cutters News that the new upgrade makes it easier to locate combinations of available multiview experiences, rather than building fresh consumer feeds for each user.

Late last year, YouTube TV began allowing certain NBA League Pass members to select which games they wanted to watch from a short list. From there, YouTube TV will establish a multiview channel where you may watch the games you choose. Google says this functionality will be available on all devices that support multiview, and you can only establish these channels based on pre-selected athletic events. Unfortunately, you can only establish your own multiview channel by selecting a game from a selection of preselected options. It is also confined to sports, thus other channels will not work with it.

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Offering the option to choose your games could help many dissatisfied clients. Customers frequently struggle to find the games they desire in the same multiview window. With this new feature, you can easily find the games you’re looking for.

Google has already announced that they are working on a feature that would allow YouTube TV subscribers to customize their multiview. YouTube TV’s official X account confirms hope for this functionality, saying “we’re only sharing curated multiview streams from YouTube TV for this initial launch, but we’re hoping to make this customizable for you in the future”.