People are dividing on social media over a ‘censored’ clip from Family Feud featuring a statement made by host Steve Harvey.

From Harvey accepting ‘dark’ answers to a past contestant on the program being sentenced to life in jail for murdering his wife, there have been plenty of jaw-dropping incidents on the family game show, and this week was no different. Prepare to have your eyebrows raised.

On Monday (13 May), a footage from a recent episode of Family Feud was shared to the game show’s Instagram page, showing a participant named Kate standing behind a podium, ready to answer questions from Harvey.

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“Name someone you don’t mind disrobing in front of?” Harvey asked her.

The participant replied without hesitation, “My kids.”

Her response drew applause and numerous shouts of agreement from the audience.

However, Harvey’s response was entirely different.

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Harvey responded to the answer: “Hey kids, how are you? “How was school today?”

And it wasn’t what the host said, but how he mimed getting undressed and posed naked while delivering the phrase, that resulted in a ‘censored’ sign being sarcastically placed over Harvey’s lower body area, all the way down to the floor, when the video was published on Instagram.

“You got to put your kids in therapy, I’m telling you,” Harvey continued.

Nonetheless, the response was on the board, despite the host’s claim that it was ‘the worst answer’ Kate could have provided.

The ‘censored’ sign and Harvey’s final two comments have prompted viewers to fill the page with their ideas.

Some viewers couldn’t get over the ‘censored’ label that was applied to the clip.

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One Instagram user commented, “The ‘censored’ all the way down to the ankles is crazy.”

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“The size of the censored bar,” another said.

Others focused on Kate’s answer to the question and Harvey’s response.

A third said, “No, let’s be honest here, a body isn’t sexual unless you make it so. If you’re changing and your child comes in on you, it just normalizes the human body, so kids don’t grow up thinking bodies are strange or intrinsically sexual.”

However, a fourth wrote, “I agree with Steve on this one; the answer should not be up there.”

And a final resolution: “Remember, she is only answering for points. It might be her opinion or not.”