A music lover has spoken out after suffering a ‘catastrophic spinal injury’ when the main vocalist of a band stage-dived at a concert.

On the evening of April 30, the lead vocalist of Australian punk band Trophy Eyes jumped into the audience while performing at Mohawk Place in Buffalo, New York. However, he eventually settled on a 24-year-old admirer named Bird Piché.

Bird was transported to the hospital with ‘a catastrophic spinal chord injury’ and required ‘extensive surgery,’ with their mother, Amy Leigh Flaminio, telling NBC News that she was ‘worried [Bird] wasn’t going to survive it.

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Fortunately, the music lover survived and has since regained use of her arms and some leg functions, but she is still unable to fully use her hands or toes.

Bird has now spoken out about what happened and how they are recovering.

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Bird recalled the day the band’s lead vocalist, John Floreani, attempted ‘a crowd-surfing thing’ and ‘his body’ wound up on their ‘neck’.

While they acknowledge crowd-surfing is ‘very usual at these kinds of shows’, Bird ‘didn’t really know what to expect.

“But I definitely didn’t expect to be in a hospital after the concert,” Bird stated.

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While Bird initially ‘didn’t expect to have any rehabilitation’ because ‘when you read about these types of injuries, they’re obviously pretty serious,’ Bird now feels more optimistic.

Despite conceding that they have a “long road ahead,” Bird adds they are “very optimistic right now.”

Bird’s next step is to go to rehab, where doctors anticipate she will ‘make a full recovery’.

Bird made the decision: “Nothing is certain, obviously, but they are predicting l will have full recovery of everything.”

A GoFundMe page was put up by their mother’s friend to assist pay for Bird’s medical fees and care, and Trophy Eyes took to social media to remark on the situation and share a link to the GoFundMe.

According to the statement, the performance was’shut down’ immediately, and Floreani took Bird to the hospital.

It stated that it had not spoken publicly about the tragedy until it received the ‘blessing’ of Bird’s family, but that it is now allowed to express how ‘deeply heartbroken’ all of its members are.

It resolved: “Our friend Bird is currently recovering, but they still have a long journey ahead of them. Their family has put up a GoFundMe campaign, which you may donate to below.

The band donated $5,000 to the crowdsourcing campaign.