When you work in Hollywood as an actor, there are likely to be certain roles you regret declining.

And John Leguizamo is not an exception.

The Colombian-American actor is most recognized for his roles in blockbusters such as Die Hard 2, Ice Age, and, most recently, Super Mario Bros.

Even the most skilled performers have regrets.

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In a recent interview with Business Insider, the 63-year-old actor discussed some of the films he turned down.

Among them were characters like Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada, played by Stanley Tucci. He also turned down a role in Happy Feet, which ultimately went to Robin Williams.

But the most notable omission has to be a key role in Mr and Mrs Smith, which stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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Leguizamo explained his reasoning, saying, “For Mr & Mrs Smith, it was because they were paying them $20 million and were going to pay me scale.” I felt dissed, even though they probably weren’t.

“Sometimes, when you’re a person of color, you’re so used to being dissed that you believe you’re being dissed, but you’re not. So that’s what happens, and you’ll need a lot of therapy to cure that.”

Vince Vaughn ended up playing the role in the 2005 action film.

It was eventually revealed that Pitt was the only one who received the eye-watering $20 million payment, while Jolie received $10 million.

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As for the other roles he turned down, he didn’t want to play Happy Feet because he was already associated with the Ice Age movie.

“I do not want to be doing all these ice movies. “What a stupid reason,” he remarked. “But it seemed logical to me at the moment, and then I lost out on millions.”

So, you know what they say about money… You can always produce more of it.

Last year, Leguizamo spoke up about his negotiations to join Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

He informed ComicBook.com that he will portray Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Finally, Michael Keaton played the role.

Leguizamo explained: “I was supposed to be the Vulture. We had agreed, and I was about to play him, when they informed me that Michael Keaton wanted it back and asked if I would give it up.

“I replied, ‘Well, okay, I guess.’ They stated, ‘No, we’ll work with you again, we’re going…’ That’s what occurred there.

When asked if he would return to the Marvel Universe, he replied, “I would if I was offered The Riddler or a role like that. I would return to other franchises.

“Well, if you make it up to me. But then they offered me a miniature scientist from the movie. I was like, “No thanks.” “Thanks, but no.”