Someone asked artificial intelligence what ‘dreams look like’, and the responses are ‘crazy’.

Have you ever had a really vivid dream, woke up, and went about your business only to discover that by the time you think about it again, any image you had vanished? Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has shown what that dream could’ve looked like.

YouTuber Brain Boost went to their website earlier this year to reveal the conclusion of asking an AI ‘what dreams look like’, and the results are fairly intense.

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Imagine a cross between some of the more tense parts in Finding Nemo and Fantasia, as well as a few things from Toy Story, all frolicking about and popping up and down on a screen at the same time.

Objects arise and go in seconds, and are flooded with brightly colored waves; it would be cool if it weren’t so nauseating and horrifying.

It’s safe to say I now understand why I occasionally wake up in a cold sweat from anxiousness. Imagine what would have happened if the YouTuber had asked the AI what nightmares looked like.

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And it didn’t take long for the video to be re-shared on X, with users coming in to comment on it.

Some folks truly liked the depiction.

One X user commented: “I’m a little stoned. “I just spent five minutes of my life looking at the coolest s**t ever.”

“Yeah, it’s fantastic, without a doubt!”Haha, it’s definitely cool!” Another addition.

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A third added, “This imagery was helpful.”

“It’s so beautiful,” a fourth commented.

Others were absolutely terrified.

A user commented, “That is utterly terrifying.”

“This is very disturbing to watch.. its like inception without a budget,” remarked a second.

A third added, “This looks scary.”

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“Jesus, this is hard to keep up with,” another person wrote.

And a final conclusion: “Maybe it’s correct to some extent. Most of the time, I believe we don’t remember what we were dreaming about.

“Sometimes dreams scare the crap out of us, waking us up from a deep slumber. Sometimes our craziest fantasies come true in dreams.”In our dreams, we may fly high in the sky or sink in the water. Sometimes we are happy to be in the dream with the people we care about.

“And sometimes we see the death of our loved ones and we are just crying.”

And, of course, if you were wondering what AI might come up with when entrusted with dealing with nightmares, someone has already inquired.