The Game looks to be preparing for an undercard showdown with Rick Ross, as evidenced by his diss track.

Game posted the single on DatPiff’s official YouTube channel on Friday (May 10), with the cover art referencing “Freeway” Rick Ross, the cocaine dealer from whom the Miami rapper supposedly took his name and character. The Compton rapper criticizes Rick Ross’ alleged sexual kinks, health difficulties, bogus life stories, and experience as a correctional officer.

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“Was it fabricated?” Are the lies you speak becoming saturated? What happened to the birds in the Maserati, they suddenly disappeared? That sh*t is too overblown. F**kin with a Compton ni**a, have your head severed. Let a DiCaprio, all that cap like you activated/ “I just bought a hundred-foot yacht, and it was captivating.” Congratulations, what an imagination. From C.O. to cocaine kingpin, to this ni**a actin’ Hatian. The stories these ni**as tell,” he spits.

The single also has a handful of words referencing the Kendrick Lamar-Drake dispute, with smart lines playing off their names and artistic identities, “This ain’t the Kendrick beef, my Drac’ [Drake] sings songs/ Shots rings out, the neighbor better have his Ring on.”

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“My K. Dot sh*t, I won’t have to turn the beam on/ It’s that, time of the month, get this pu**y somethin’ to bleed on/ Your baby mama told me you liked to get peed on/ You a C.O., that’s the last time you had keys on/ And we know, you treat Gunplay like he a peon/ And he know some sh*t that ain’t cool for him to speak on,” he adds, alluding to a mysterious yet potentially damning revelation involving his MMG cohort, Gunplay.

He later addresses Rick Ross’s flip against Drake, ingeniously calling him out for supposedly lying about selling “birds,” all while spoofing the “owl,” a symbol commonly linked with Drake’s OVO team and business.

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The diss comes a week after Game expressed his thoughts on the condition of Hip-Hop’s present landscape following Kendrick and Drake’s feud. The rapper claimed that he isn’t being mocked because his peers know what time it is.

“My level of disrespect has no limit & I can actually rap rap,” he said. “Fans gone choose up with whatever artist is currently safe for the culture to love as a whole but every real rap ni**a in this sh*t KNOW who to play with & who not to.”

Around this time, he also criticized J. Cole for apologizing to Kendrick Lamar for dissing him on his song “7-Minute Drill,” which has since been deleted. Game went on to criticize Ross for repeatedly taunting Drake throughout their rivalry. He shared AI photos of Ross in a correctional officer costume, jogging with a bucket of fried chicken.