Oprah Winfrey has admitted her involvement in destructive diet culture, and she is now attempting to make amends… by embracing weight loss medicines.

The talk show star spoke up about her impact in the weight loss industry during a 3-hour live event for WeightWatchers this week, admitting that she has been feeding into this harmful trend for literally years.

Oprah says, “I’d like to confess that I’ve been a consistent participant in this diet culture. For 25 years, I have communicated through my venues, including the magazine, talk show, and online. “I’ve made significant contributions to it.”

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She recognized that her preoccupation on weight had created an unreasonable ideal for her audience over decades that neither she nor anybody else could meet.

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Rebel Wilson and Amber Riley, along with WeightWatchers CEO Sima Sistani, joined OW to talk about WW’s shift away from diet culture. Instead, the corporation is now emphasizing self-love and medical intervention with medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy.

Oprah herself has admitted to utilizing weight-loss medicine to help her lose 40 pounds. She even resigned off from the WW board early this year to prevent a conflict of interest as the firm entered the weight-loss medication market.

Bottom line: there should be no shame in seeking medical assistance for weight loss, and Oprah is now pushing weight loss in a very different approach.