A video has gone viral showing a theater balcony packed with people bouncing up and down during one of Gunna’s shows.

Many of us have certainly gone to a gig or music event where the music is so loud that you can feel your head pounding or vibrations through the floor, but picture glancing down and realizing the balcony you’re on is literally trembling.

Looking up and seeing a balcony full of hundreds of people jolting up and down directly above your head would be equally unsettling.

A new fear has been unlocked. Prepare to suck down anxiety.

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On Monday (May 6), American rapper Gunna hit the stage at Fox Theatre in Detroit to perform in front of a large crowd as part of his The Bittersweet Tour.

And the ‘Jump’ musician’s concert certainly saw attendees go all out, so much so that a video from the evening showed the theater’s balcony physically bobbing up and down as a result of the excitement.

Gunna even uploaded the film on Instagram on Tuesday (7 May), with the caption: “Eyuhh #BitterSweetTour #Detroit.”

The film quickly went popular on sites such as Instagram, Reddit, and X, with people coming online to comment.

One Instagram user commented, “Nah, that joint is about to collapse.”

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“Got Detroit rockin’. LITERALLY!” a second added, while a third said, “I would have been terrified up there lol.”

YouTuber Speak EZ Sports even reshared the clip on X, stating, “Dear Detroit, can we please fix the Fox. The draft was a huge success for us. Let us avert a tragedy.

Another user, however, stated: “It’s actually built to flex, I believe.”

Indeed, Fox Theatre reiterated this in a statement to The Detroit News, saying: “The type of movement exhibited at the recent Fox Theatre concert is usual and expected on free-standing balcony structures, to support audience members actively dancing, as shown during yesterday night’s music.

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“This capability is crucial to the balcony’s structural engineering design. The structure’s integrity and safety are ensured through regular inspections, the most recent of which took place in April.

The theatre was created by architect Charles Howard Crane, who also designed Orchestra Hall and the Detroit Opera House.

It’s not the first time the theater’s balcony has been noticed swaying, with Joe Jonas’ concert in 2010 causing a similar impact on the balcony despite having a very different vibe.