Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s lyrical war continues to captivate hip-hop fans worldwide, and it appears like K-Dot is emerging victorious, at least in terms of streams.

According to a new Tweet from Kurrco, the Compton-born performer’s diss tune “Not Like Us” received three times as many Spotify streams as Drake’s “Family Matters” yesterday. It grossed a massive 12.2 million, compared to Drizzy’s 4.2 million.

“Not Like Us” is often regarded as the most powerful song on the entire album. On it, Kendrick accuses Drake of being a “pedophile” among other things. Kendrick’s other disses, including “Euphoria,” “Like That,” and his Future and Metro Boomin collaboration “Like That,” received more streams than Drake’s yesterday.

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While this is sad for Drake’s team, it is not entirely unexpected. Many have concluded that Kendrick Lamar washed Drake, yet it is unclear whether the war is done. Yesterday, DJ Akademiks went online to say he’s “waiting on a few records,” leading fans to suspect that fresh diss tunes are on the way. It remains to be seen whether anything will outperform what has already been presented. Drake recently published a cryptic post on Instagram Story, showing a clip from the series “A Man In Full.”

The scene depicts the main character lying dead on the ground, delivering a dramatic posthumous monologue. “I don’t mean this as criticism,” he says. Maybe I do. Will anyone notice when you die? When I leave, many people will have negative recollections of me. Even so, a person must live with vigor. Otherwise, what is the point?