Gypsy Rose Blanchard believes she is Taylor Swift’s new muse; she is convinced that one of the singer’s new songs is about her, or at least influenced by her.

According to sources close to Gypsy, Taylor’s new song “Fresh Out The Slammer” off her ‘Tortured Poets Department’ album could be about her release from prison in December.

Gypsy assumes this because she notices many connections between the song lyrics and her own life — almost to a T.

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For those unfamiliar, “Fresh Out The Slammer” is a song about a lady leaving prison and fleeing with her lover. Remember, Gypsy moved home with her now-estranged husband Ryan Anderson after being released from prison after serving seven years.

Gypsy notices more similarities between the music and her life than just this one. We’re informed the TV personality relates to the sentence “camera flashes, welcome bashes” because paparazzi have been following her since her release, and her family threw her a welcome home party.

We should also mention that Gypsy is not alone here. Fans have spotted the similarities, with one Swiftie even claiming on X that Tay penned the anthem for Gypsy.

Despite the widespread assumption, insiders tell us she hasn’t heard from Taylor at all, despite being a great Swift fan.

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Don’t forget that immediately after leaving prison, Gypsy bought Kansas City Chiefs tickets in the hopes of seeing the Grammy winner. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend because her parole officer instructed her to return to her native state of Louisiana upon her release.

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We’re told Gypsy isn’t upset by the lack of touch… since she understands she’s a contentious public figure and can see why the superstar musician wouldn’t reach out.

Everyone will be able to catch up on more of Gypsy’s life when the second season of her Lifetime show, “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up,” premieres on June 3rd.