A couple of foragers were rushing along a woodland road in Japan when a bear attacked their car, smashing its windshield… and it was all caught on camera.

Check out this incredible film from Hokkaido last week… the car is traveling along what appears to be an authorized route — until, out of nowhere, a bear charges at the car and makes contact.

It’s easy to forget how big the ponderous beasts can move, but the video serves as a startling reminder, as the wild animal crosses a significant distance in seconds before repeatedly bringing down its huge paws on the glass, crushing it to bits.

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The driver makes the only move they can, slamming the gas pedal to the metal and speeding down the curving dirt road as rapidly as they can, despite the fact that the windshield is visibly broken.

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According to local sources, both the driver and the passenger in the car were unharmed… and a wildlife specialist told several local sites that the car may have mistakenly gone between the mother and her cub, causing all the ruckus.

Bear assaults appear to happen for these reasons on a periodic basis… for example, in 2022, a climber was descending down Mt. Futago in Japan when a black bear charged at him, ostensibly protecting its cub. The climber fought back with a flurry of kicks and punches.

It’s a scary situation, but it’s all part of the experience of being in nature, right? Be prepared!