Jana Kramer claims Travis Kelce is “always drunk” and a detrimental influence on Taylor Swift, but she might be J Lo to Mariah Carey for him… ’cause he doesn’t even know her.

Travis’s sources told TMZ that he was caught aback by her incendiary comments about him on her podcast, in which she described him as a party animal and someone who reminded her of an ex in a bad manner.

Travis has never met Jana, and he was completely unfamiliar with her before to Tuesday, despite the fact that she is officially famous from her “One Tree Hill” days.

In any event, Travis believes Jana is spewing hot stuff to gain attention for her pod, which, based on what we’ve learned about her, is standard practice. Jana has a habit of publicly name-dropping or dragging celebrities.

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She did something similar last year, when she described Brody Jenner as the “absolute worst” date she’d ever been on… so she has a history of trashing other celebrities.

According to our sources, Travis and co. believe this is just more of the same… and that she used his name to clout-chase — which, on the surface, appears to have worked. Her words were widely reported by several media sites… yet Travis is said to be unconcerned.

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As for the genuine criticism that Travis parties a lot, we assume that’s what it is. The guy is enjoying his offseason, and he clearly likes to have fun. Similarly for Taylor.

Some believe Taylor is drinking more as her relationship with Travis progresses — but hey, these are adults who can make their own decisions. As for Jana weighing in, it’s quite clear how TK feels — keep it to yourself, lady!