Ric Flair has expressed sorrow for losing his cool at a Gainesville pizza business over the weekend, claiming he should have walked out the moment things got hot.

As previously reported, the Nature Boy was captured on camera ranting at a Piesanos employee about an alleged bathroom incident with the kitchen manager… and things became so heated that a customer volunteered to take matters outside.

On Wednesday, Naitch appeared on “The MJ Morning Show on Q105” to offer his side of the story… and while he feels horrible about how things turned out, he also felt compelled to defend himself.

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“It just escalated, and I was wrong to get angry, but I felt like I was defending my position,” Flair told the radio host.

Flair also retracted his harsh evaluation of the restaurant, claiming that he loved his time and lunch there before things went wrong.

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“I was wrong for losing my temper,” he added. “When I feel like I’m put in that area where I’m uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything just fell apart, I got upset.”

“I was incorrect to get upset. I probably should have just walked out the door, but it caught me off guard because we were having such a good time. Then all of a sudden, someone in their kitchen stated, “I did something wrong in the bathroom, and there’s only me and him.”

Regarding the allegation that alcohol was involved, Flair denied being intoxicated or buzzed, claiming he merely drank Michelob Ultras and “probably” two mixed cocktails.

And, following the spat, Flair said he ordered some Piesanos fare on Uber Eats, so it doesn’t sound like he’s boycotting the business.