There are numerous ways to stand out from the crowd, but one man has devised a quite innovative one that draws influence from the Cybertruck design.

Many people have praised and mocked Tesla Cybertrucks since they were released last year.

Some have tried to find a method to make them stand out, while many are basic silver.

However, one smart man had the bright idea of making a working Cybertruck using a wooden body instead of steel.

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The truck was constructed for the YouTube channel ND-WoodArt, where the crew builds a variety of various vehicles out of wood.

And, to be honest, it does look very nice and sleek, and many social media users have clearly approved of the design.

ND-Woodart has already manufactured other vehicles such as sports cars, motorcycles, and a tank. And, while a wooden tank is unlikely to be effective in a war, it certainly look magnificent.

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However, it is the wooden Cybertruck that has piqued the internet’s interest after the channel sent an open message to Elon Musk via X.

The tweet stated, “I am a passionate content creator with a strong love for wooden vehicles and a huge regard for both you and Tesla. Over the years, I’ve taken on various wooden automobile projects to gather vital knowledge.

“And today, I introduced the Cybertruck, a car that I am quite impressed with. It is also the car that many of my fans want me to construct.

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They added: “I am aware that Tesla has encountered its fair share of difficulties in bringing the Cybertruck to fruition. However, I have unflinching faith in your vision and Tesla’s potential. “I am confident that this extraordinary vehicle will eventually succeed.”

Elon Musk even replied to the nicely phrased plea for a repost, saying: “Sure, much appreciated”.

Many followers used social media to show their appreciation for the job.

One person wrote, “That result is bad-ass.” This has to be one of the best-looking Cybertrucks to ever hit the road, and I would love to have it prominently displayed at Tesla’s headquarters.”

Another said, “I can’t begin to think about the insane amount of measurements that went into this project…” This is really awesome to watch and nothing short of fantastic.”

A third wrote, “If you marketed this as a whole puzzle, I would buy it. “You guys make it look simple to build.”