Ric Flair nearly gave out figure four leg locks outside a pizza shop in Florida after a heated disagreement in the bar concluded with a challenge to fight in the parking lot… and the entire incident was captured on tape!

The three-minute video depicts an enraged Nature Boy arguing with a Piesanos restaurant management in Gainesville, FL, before another patron intervenes and threatens Flair with physical harm.

“Come outside here and talk to me like a man,” Ric told the manager he was jawing with, before another man interrupted, rising up, gazing at Flair, and ominously stating, “Hey, you wanna go have a conversation with me in the parking lot?” Because I will work you. “I don’t care.”

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Naitch, not one to back down, replied, “What did you say to me? “What did you say to me?”

The whole scope of the conversation is often difficult to follow, although Flair can be heard requesting the manager’s name. The bartender says “Nicholas,” causing Flair to inquire, “Nicholas what? “Nicholas D***head!”

The bickering continued, with the manager accusing Flair of cursing at a restaurant employee, which Nature Boy categorically denied, claiming, “I never said a cuss word!”

More argument ensued, with Flair telling one of the bartenders, “I’m gonna give you a thousand dollar tip just to say to him, ‘Kiss my ass!'” as he turned to face the manager.

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Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, but Ric was furious, and he vented on Instagram.

“I spent $1500 at [Piesano’s] just to be disrespected more than I ever had in my entire life. After taking 20 pictures with customers and staff, I was asked to leave because the kitchen manager was taking too long in the bathroom.”

“I would strongly advise anyone looking to unwind in Gainesville at a nice restaurant to avoid this establishment! WOOOOO!”