Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has posted a strange new video on social media as he confronts various legal concerns and probable criminal prosecution.

With multiple lawsuits filed against him and possibly federal penalties pending, Diddy has every reason to be frightened. However, the disgraced music mogul turned to Instagram to upload a cryptic video to show the world just how “not hysterical” he is.

In his first upload since April 15, the video starts with a camera going down a white hallway before showing Combs hugging someone. An anonymous voice says, “Not hysterical. Not frenetic. I am not anxious. Not worried.”

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Diddy is then shown standing in a circle holding hands with other people, possibly as part of a prayer circle, with the camera far back to avoid showing anyone’s faces. The narrator then depicts Combs standing on a stormy beach, stating, “But steady in the storm.” “Looks bad, looks tough, but stays steady in the storm.”

If the video didn’t try so hard to show how unconcerned Combs is, it could have more impact. The reality is that the “I’ll Be Missing You” star is facing several sexual assault allegations in multiple cases, as well as potential charges related to the recent FBI raid on his houses.

Combs has resolved multiple lawsuits, including the one that started it all, brought by Cassie Ventura. However, the 54-year-old is still facing lawsuits from Liza Gardner, Joi Dickerson-Neal, music producer Rodney Jones, and an anonymous Jane Doe.

Diddy and his legal team have disputed all of the charges. On April 26, his lawyers moved to dismiss a number of the claims in the Dickerson-Neal complaint, claiming that numerous key statutes did not exist at the time of the alleged misbehavior.

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In addition to the sexual assault charges, Combs is facing a business case alleging that he neglected to pay New Orleans design firm Raven PMG $100,000 for supplies for an event that he later postponed.

According to Thomas Eisweirth, an attorney for Raven PMG, the present complaint against Diddy is the first of many. The inquiry has revealed enormous damages caused by several parties, indicating a systemic flaw within their operations.

The lawsuit seeks repayment for the material costs, as well as an additional $200,000 in damages, interest, attorney fees, and other legal expenditures.