Amazon, which has brought advertising to Amazon Prime Video, is introducing new interactive ad styles that will allow advertisers to engage streamers and sell to them.

Amazon debuted Shoppable carousel commercials, interactive pause advertisements, and interactive brand trivia ads a week before its upfront presentation.

“Amazon Ads continues to reimagine the streaming TV experience with interactive ad formats that are seamlessly shoppable and help advertisers meaningfully connect with customers,” said Alan Moss, Amazon Ads’ Vice President of Global Advertising Sales.

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“We are developing innovative experiences to help brands better engage with customers, as we work to transform streaming advertising through our differentiated combination of reach, first-party signals, and ad tech,” Moss stated. “Ads in Prime Video provide an unparalleled experience for advertisers to deliver on any full-funnel marketing objective — whether it’s awareness, consideration, or conversion.”

Amazon boosted the quantity of commercials that appeared on Prime Video early this year. Instead of asking customers if they were willing to watch adverts in exchange for a lower subscription price, Amazon chose to include the commercials and provide viewers who dislike commercials the option of keeping their service ad-free for an additional $2.99 per month.

According to Hub Entertainment Media, the strategy resulted in 85% of Prime Video customers being able to see advertising in entertainment programming, which is significantly higher than other streaming services that have introduced ad-supported tiers.

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Prime Video claims an average monthly ad-supported reach of more than 200 million global customers.

Thursday Night Football telecasts on Prime Video have always included advertisements.

Prime Video introduced the following new formats:

Shoppable carousel advertising allow marketers to show a rotating selection of products that buyers can browse on Amazon and add to their basket using most living-room remotes. The ad automatically pauses to allow clients to browse and restarts play after the ad interaction ends.

When customers pause the show or movie they are watching, interactive pause adverts allow them to discover and interact with brands. When viewers hit the pause button on their living room remote, they will see a transparent ad with brand messaging and images, as well as creative overlays for “Add to Cart” and “Learn More”.

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Interactive brand trivia advertisements engage potential customers with product facts while also allowing them to shop on Amazon, learn more about services and products, and even earn incentives. Customers can use their living room remote to add products to their basket, request information via email, and redeem perks such as Amazon shopping credits when they purchase eligible items.

According to Amazon’s study, interactive ads are more effective at increasing engagement rates throughout the customer shopping process, driving ten times more product page views and conversions than non-interactive forms.

“Amazon’s engagement with consumers throughout the funnel is unique,” says Geoffrey Calabrese, chief investment officer of Omnicom Media Group North America. “With the ad innovations we are seeing from inside of their streaming offering, our clients are now able to test and learn at scale the true power of streaming TV.”