Have you ever watched a YouTube video and then realized it was missing information that you were expecting?

An artificial intelligence (AI) solution is being released by YouTube to enable YouTube Premium subscribers to automatically fast-forward to the most pertinent segment of a video. With the help of this new tool, Google intends to save you time by allowing you to skip over lengthy sections that aren’t related to your search. You may now join up on YouTube’s website, but only YouTube Premium users can presently use this function.

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Similar AI techniques are already used by Google to assist you in finding pertinent video segments when searching on Google. Are you wondering how to fix certain pieces on your car? It’s possible that you’ve observed how Google will suggest a certain chapter rather than the entire YouTube movie when it comes to that problem. Something comparable is now on the way to YouTube.

If you ask YouTube’s AI helper to, by turning this option on, it will play videos based on your search and other factors that it thinks you’ll find most interesting. Double tapping the screen will allow you to skip ahead and, on videos that qualify, a button to advance to the AI-recommended portion of the video will appear.

This is Google’s statement regarding this feature:

Google is expecting that by adding this function, more people would watch YouTube and subscribe to YouTube Premium. This is merely a beta test for the time being, and depending on how the test goes, it might or might not be available to all YouTube Premium subscribers. Google has previously tested additional features that, once the beta test concluded, were never made available to the public.