Ice Spice rekindled the (insufferable) phone controversy from 2011. The Bronx artist tweeted a selfie with an Android, and an X/twitter user commented, calling her Android use “a turnoff.”

“Ice Spice having an Android is so [sic] turnoff,” the account typed.

The xweet went viral, launching netizens into the phone battles of the past. Some accounts agreed that texts going green were “disgusting.” “First, she was born on January 1, and now this? “Immigrant core,” one person remarked.

Others noted that Ice only used the phone since she is a verified Samsung partner. “I don’t agree with the quoted tweet’s statement, but 9/10 times celebrities only use Samsung phones because they’re sponsored,” they wrote, attaching an image of Ice Spice with the hashtag “#Samsungpartner.”

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Various accounts attempted to stoke the fervent debate with more infuriating posts about the two brands. One account mentioned iPhone users utilizing the device to compensate for their “lack of personality.” Another comment was direct and stated their scorn for iPhone users. “You guys use iPhones to compensate for your lack of personality and general ignorance. Imagine frothing out of your mouth over a blue bubble and criticizing individuals for having the intelligence to consider other possibilities. “I would tell you to grow up, but I believe you’re incapable,” they typed. “I hate Apple d*ck munchers with a passion lol,” said another.

“That just tells me Ice Spice might be tech-savvy. I’m still waiting for Apple phone users to explain how they outperform top-tier Android smartphones in anything when their next iterations include capabilities that Android has had for over a year. An account suggested that ignorance is pleasant.

Apple supporters responded quickly, offering a compelling case for the iPhone’s perceived superiority. They targeted Android’s supporters, calling its technology a “waste of development.” They also emphasized the usability of Apple gadgets. “Once you have multiple Apple devices and they’re synced, you’ll never think about Androids again,” a person said. “The sight of an Android in Ice Spice’s hand is a huge turn off. “That is why I prefer Apple,” another person said.

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However, unlike in 2011, it appears that a greater number of people do not care about brand exclusivity. Accounts began to analyze the desire to join to a group such as #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid. They claimed that individuals should not worry about what phones other people use since “it’s not important.” “Consumerism and its effects on society,” one critic said. “It’s 2024… Please grow up.

“I always forget that there’s grown a** adults who give a sh*t about this.”

Yes, it’s a debate for the ages.