Dan Schneider has launched a slander lawsuit against the producers of the Investigation Discovery docuseries “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV,” which exposed alleged abuse and wrongdoing at Nickelodeon and became Max’s most popular streaming title ever.

The lawsuit, obtained by Variety and filed by Schneider’s attorneys Jana Moser and Richard McKie, states in part: “‘Quiet on Set’s’ depiction of Schneider is a hit job. While it is undeniable that two genuine child sexual abusers worked on Nickelodeon shows, it is also undeniable that Schneider was unaware of their abuse, was not participating in the abuse, condemned the abuse when it was revealed, and, most importantly, was not a child sexual abuser himself. But for the sake of sensationalism, ratings, and views — or, to put it another way, money — Defendants have ruined Schneider’s character and legacy by making false statements and implying that Schneider is just that.

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“Quiet on Set” chronicles Schneider’s climb to the position of creator and producer for Nickelodeon shows such as “The Amanda Show,” “Drake & Josh,” “Zoey 101,” “iCarly,” “Victorious,” and others. Former Nickelodeon writers, child stars, and crew members appear in the five-part documentary, accusing Schneider of fostering a hostile work atmosphere and sexualizing former child actors on TV. (A Schneider spokeswoman told Variety at the time: “Everything that happened on Dan’s shows was carefully examined by dozens of involved adults and approved by the network. If there was a genuine issue with the scenes that some people are now’sexualizing,’ they would be removed, but they are not; they are being aired frequently all over the world today, appreciated by both children and parents.”)

Schneider himself stated in a video posted following the premiere of “Quiet on Set,” “Watching over the previous two nights was really difficult. Facing my past habits, some of which are embarrassing and regrettable. “I definitely owe some people a very strong apology.”

Schneider’s lawsuit alleges that the voiceovers and graphics in “Quiet on Set,” as well as the series’ trailer, “are purposefully and intentionally defamatory in that they falsely and repeatedly state or imply that Schneider is a child sexual abuser and committed crimes in this regard — and have been interpreted as such by countless average, ordinary, or reasonable viewers.”

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In a separate statement sent to Variety alongside the legal complaint, Schneider wrote: “Recently the docuseries ‘Quiet on Set’ highlighted mistakes I made and poor judgment I exhibited during my time at Nickelodeon, the majority of which occurred decades ago during my early career as a producer, working on shows for Tollin/Robbins Productions. There is no doubt that I was not always an effective leader. I genuinely apologize and regret that action, and I will continue to accept responsibility for it. However, after viewing ‘Quiet on Set’ and its trailer, as well as the reactions to them, I feel compelled to pursue legal action against the people responsible. In their successful attempt to mislead viewers and gain ratings, they went beyond just presenting the truth and falsely claimed that I was involved in or enabled heinous crimes for which actual child predators have been arrested and punished.

Schneider stated, “I have no issue to anyone recognizing my faults as a boss, but it is immoral to mislead millions of people into believing that I was complicit in horrible activities such as those committed by child predators. I owe it to myself, my family, and the many excellent people engaged in producing these programs to correct the record.”

In addition to Dan Schneider, “Quiet on Set” explores other Nickelodeon employees at the time, including dialogue and acting instructor Brian Peck. Drake Bell, the star of “Drake & Josh,” was interviewed in “Quiet on Set” and claims to have been a victim of Peck’s sexual assault. Peck, 43, was arrested in 2003 on 11 charges, including sodomy, indecent act on a kid 14 or 15 by a person 10 years older, and oral copulation by anesthetic or controlled substance, although the victim was not identified.

“Quiet on Set” also includes Jason Michael Handy, a production assistant who was arrested and accused with a sexual act on a child under the age of 14. The mother of a former child actor who participated on “The Amanda Show” said on “Quiet on Set” that Handy sent her daughter a photo of him naked and masturbating. Another Nickelodeon employee, animator Ezel Channel, was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for engaging in indecent behavior on a 14-year-old kid and viewing him pornography.