Russell Simmons has been accused of sexual assault by 20 women and has faced various lawsuits in the topic since 2017, one of which has recently taken an unusual turn.

Furthermore, according to an exclusive AllHipHop source, a Jane Doe lawsuit alleges that he forged her signature on a document settling their dispute over her claims that he sexually attacked her. Doe is a former Def Jam employee, and court filings state that she was outraged by the label’s co-founder’s response to her charges, which she says did not adequately address the gravity of his claimed conduct. He only issued a vague apology after learning of prospective legal action under the Adult Survivors Act in November 2023, according to court documents.

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Furthermore, during the court procedure, a document from three decades ago surfaced that purportedly settled their case in writing. However, due to features such as handwriting and firm letterhead, Jane Doe alleged that this document is forgery and that Russell Simmons forged her signature on it. “The document is an Adobe pdf file titled ‘Agreement – Jane Doe v. Russell Simmons,’ although the words ‘[Doe] – Executed Document.pdf’ also appear in the body of the file at the top of each page,” according to court documents. “The file’s information indicates ‘Created: March 24, 2024.’ The document is dated ‘January 9, 1997’ at the top of each page, but reads ‘[Jane Doe] 1-6-97’ at the bottom.”

As a result, Jane Doe denies signing the document and claims that it is fraudulent. She further said that even if this is a genuine document, it only addresses her departure from Def Jam and minor financial matters, not Russell Simmons’ true sexual assault complaint. With this in mind, and his post-“settlement” behavior, which purportedly includes several instances of confrontation, the document’s legitimacy is called into question. While Doe’s legal team continues to argue against the document’s legality, it does not rule out the possibility that it is legitimate material.

Meanwhile, Jane Doe is seeking “general, punitive, and economic damages for loss of employment, loss of business opportunities, [and] loss of wages” in this lawsuit. In addition, she requests that Russell Simmons compensate her “for injuries suffered as a result of the unlawful conduct alleged herein.” We’ll examine how this affects the overall development of this and other cases. Simmons has disputed all claims, citing his nine lie detector tests as proof of his innocence.