Duane “Keefe D” Davis, the accused mastermind behind the murder of rap icon Tupac Shakur, has stated that he will not testify in his own defense.

This ruling comes despite Davis’ long-hidden confession to the infamous 1996 murder being introduced as evidence at his trial.

According to The Sun, Davis, who previously admitted to planning Tupac’s assassination, has chosen to exercise his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. Despite previous confessions to law enforcement, Davis now refuses to answer inquiries regarding his role in the crime.

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The 60-year-old former Compton drug dealer has reportedly voiced frustration with feeling “fitted up” over the murder and has chosen to remain silent in court. Davis’ attorney, Carl Arnold, said that he will not be delivering testimony, instead relying on his past confessions.

Davis’ decision surprises many, especially given his previous cooperation with law enforcement. He had previously confessed to both the LAPD in 2008 and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police in 2009, believing he was exempt from punishment owing to a “proffer” agreement. If Davis is convicted, he may face life in jail.

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Despite his refusal to testify, Davis feels confident in the soundness of his case. Arnold stated that Davis feels the case is “winnable” and has never requested a plea deal. The burden is now on prosecutors to prove Davis’ guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Arnold also intends to summon Tupac’s buddy and rap entrepreneur, Suge Knight, to testify at the trial. While Davis may not be testifying, the courtroom drama surrounding Tupac’s murder trial is far from ended.