ChatGPT now maintains your chat history, even if you have not chosen to share your data with the model for training.

On Tuesday, OpenAI announced on X that the upgrade was now available for ChatGPT Free and ChatGPT Plus subscribers. If you already agreed to share your conversation history with OpenAI, you can turn this option off, and your chat history will stay kept in the sidebar. If your sharing setting is turned off, ChatGPT will save your future talks. The update is currently available on PC and will shortly be available on mobile.

OpenAI has introduced Temporary conversation, a kind of incognito mode for ChatGPT that does not appear in your conversation history.

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This is good news for privacy advocates. Previously, your chat history was only retained if you permitted OpenAI to utilize your talks to develop the model, forcing users to choose between privacy and full app functionality. Initially, OpenAI did not provide an option to opt out of sharing data with the model, putting users at danger of disclosing personal or secret information via ChatGPT answers. Samsung discovered this the hard way in April, when some of its employees unintentionally divulged trade secrets while using the model to review code and create presentations.

Soon after, OpenAI implemented the opt-out option and then launched ChatGPT Enterprise, a closed-loop version for enterprises that do not share data with the model.

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This week, OpenAI has been busy upgrading ChatGPT. It also announced the wider introduction of a Memory function for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, which had been under testing earlier this year.

With Memory enabled in the settings, ChatGPT will remember specific qualities it has learned from your talks, such as your children’s names and ages. If this seems alarming, Memory can be turned off. You can also erase individual “memories” that you do not want ChatGPT to track.