Selena Gomez appears to be quite enthusiastic about her boyfriend Benny Blanco’s new book, as she eats a delicious cake shaped like it — and goes in tongue first, aiming below the belt.

The actress shared an intriguing photo on Instagram on Tuesday, showing her going down and eating a cake created to look like Benny’s cookbook, ‘Open Wide’, which was just released this week. The catch: a photo of BB himself is on the cake.

That’s significant because the photo Selena shared — and others that have circulated of this intriguing time — show her licking cake-Benny’s crotch!

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SG’s tongue is out, licking the cake, while Benny and others watch. They also grabbed a few photos together, snuggling up and seeming smitten. Since they first met, the two of them have been putting on a constant show of love, so expect more of the same.

As for this crotch lick, it may appear excessive to some, but it is more comical than sexual, and it is simply Selena having some NSFW fun with her boyfriend.

In the grand scheme of things, she’s simply celebrating the guy’s achievement… which is certainly something to be proud of.

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As you’re probably aware, Benny has created a reputation for himself in show business as a song producer, but he’s also making waves on TikTok as a chef-style influencer.

He’s frequently making cooking videos, which plays a significant role in his relationship with Selena. She’s continually posting reminders that he cooks for her on a regular basis.

BTW… Benny’s cooking appears to be a turn-on for Selena — at least, according to Benny, who posted a video on social media claiming to make Gomez steak anytime he wants to get laid, hinting it works on her.

The release of ‘Open Wide’ yesterday was like icing on the cake for their love.