Former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles have taken a turn, as he faces the penalties of violating a gag order imposed by the court overseeing his criminal trial in New York.

This Monday, Judge Juan Merchan found Trump in contempt of court and penalized him $9,000 for repeatedly violating the order, warning that further violations might result in imprisonment.

According to CBS News, the gag order prevents Trump from making public statements about those engaged in the case, including crucial witnesses Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. Trump, on the other hand, disregarded the order by posting angry messages on his social media network Truth Social and campaign website, specifically targeting these witnesses.

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Judge Merchan stressed that Trump’s actions jeopardized the legal process. By openly debating witnesses and jurors, Trump undermined the trial’s sanctity and fairness.

The judge’s decision came after Trump broke the gag order nine times in recent weeks, prompting Merchan to levy $1,000 fines for each instance. Furthermore, Trump was directed to erase the problematic posts, which were swiftly removed by Tuesday afternoon.

Trump’s preference for pursuing his case in the court of public opinion has resulted in disputes with the judiciary, with Merchan warning him of the implications of breaking the gag order. The judge’s judgment emphasizes the necessity of supporting the rule of law and following judicial orders in high-profile litigation cases.

As Trump’s trial progresses, his approach to the legal process comes under increasing scrutiny. With reports of potential jail time coming, Trump is under increasing pressure to follow the court’s orders and refrain from further violations of the gag order.