Kyle Marisa Roth’s parents were highly anxious on the day she was discovered dead, and it was because of something they saw online, which was communicated to detectives.

According to fresh legal documents acquired by TMZ, Annapolis police officers came to Kyle’s apartment complex on April 14 after one of her parents called 911 to request a welfare check for their daughter after not hearing from her in a few days.

Her father, Robert, informed police that he last spoke to Kyle on April 8, while her mother, Jacquie, stated she hadn’t spoken to him in months. In any case, Kyle’s mother expressed concern about a video Kyle posted on April 4 — though the particular cause is unclear.

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The incident report is largely redacted, but from what we can tell, it appears her mother was very concerned about this video and felt it had something to do with their daughter going missing. Cops convinced a management to access the unit, and Kyle was discovered dead.

There are no specifics in the documentation to show what condition Kyle’s body was discovered in or under what circumstances… but police note in the documents that she was “beyond help.”

According to law enforcement officials, the initial call to Kyle’s house was reported as a probable overdose, but no narcotics were suspected. All the police say in the documents is that the investigation must be taken up by the M.E. and that an autopsy is necessary.

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Kyle’s parents told authorities that there was nothing unusual about her… and her death remains a mystery at this time. An autopsy is being conducted, and toxicology findings are still awaited.

As previously reported, Kyle’s mother and sister revealed the terrible news of her death earlier this month, not providing any information regarding her untimely demise and stating that they were still processing it.

KMR had more than 175,000 followers, and his videos received millions of views. Her entire act consisted of commenting on gossip-related items, using the catchphrase… “You want more, I’ll give you more.” She was 36.