NASA acknowledged that Earth received a mystery signal from deep space.

According to the space agency, the odd signal originated approximately 10 million kilometers from Earth.

If you want some context, that’s equivalent to going to the Moon 40 times, which is quite far away from Earth.

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What exactly is the mystery signal from space?
Obviously, there will be suspicion that aliens are communicating with us from distant space.

However, this is obviously not the case. In truth, the equipment giving out this signal originated much closer to home.

That’s because it’s coming from a spacecraft launched by NASA that is sending data back to Earth as it travels through space.

NASA launched the device, dubbed Psyche, in October 2023.

What does Psyche do?
Psyche was planned to send a laser beam an exceptionally long distance via space in a device known as Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC).

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According to NASA’s website, the probe traveled to “a metal-rich asteroid by the same name orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter to study its composition.”

Sounds like a fun weekend out! Or it would if the journey took no more than a weekend.

The possibilities
NASA has since described the expedition’s significance and some of the results that they aim to build on in the future.

The U.S. Space Agency stated: “This achievement provides a glimpse into how spacecraft could use optical communications in the future, enabling higher-data-rate communications of complex scientific information as well as high-definition imagery and video in support of humanity’s next giant leap – sending humans to Mars.”

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The significance of receiving messages back from Psyche
Meera Srinivasan, project lead for Psyche at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, told the Daily Mail: “We downlinked about 10 minutes of duplicated spacecraft data during a pass on April 8.”

“Until then, we had been providing test and diagnostic data from Psyche.

“This represents a significant milestone for the project by showing how optical communications can interface with a spacecraft’s radio frequency comms system.”

So there you have it—we’re now receiving signals from a NASA spacecraft millions of kilometers distant!