Have you seen any modest improvements in picture quality? You are not crazy; YouTube TV has been trying to improve the quality of some channels and provide users with a superior 1080p experience.

This was initially released in late March, but was removed due to some issues. YouTube TV has begun to roll out again.

Google is introducing its new and improved 1080p picture quality to YouTube TV, which is similar to the upgraded 1080p we’ve seen on YouTube for a while now. Google confirmed to Cord Cutters News that the new Enhanced 1080p60 will be available to YouTube TV and Primetime Channel users who have a 4K-compatible streaming device when the deployment begins. This will be YouTube TV’s highest-quality footage, providing a clear view of what is happening in your game or movie. This is accomplished by providing greater bitrates, which give your TV more data to work with, making what you’re watching appear smoother.

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In April 2023, YouTube TV began testing better picture quality. You will now see an enhanced image live on YouTube TV. Any 4K device that supports Google’s VP9 codec should view higher-quality HD images. The good news is that many streaming players, such as Roku and Fire TV, support VP9. Google also announced that it will collaborate with the NFL to broadcast all league games in 1080p, using a combination of original 1080p feeds and upscaling some games from 720p to 1080p. With the inclusion of the new Enhanced 1080p, the games could appear even better next year.

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Now, however, YouTube TV is bringing its Enhanced 1080p from YouTube to YouTube TV, which first appeared on YouTube in April 2023 on mobile and in August on other devices. This improved version of 1080p appears to be similar to what YouTube is doing by providing a clearer, cleaner image, particularly for sports streaming. YouTube TV has promised greater bitrates for some time, but it appears to be expanding to new devices, including the Apple TV.