Thirty years after we saw Mufasa die in The Lion King, we’re about to venture back in time for a prequel to the epic narrative.

Watch the trailer for the new movie here:

Yes, it is true: it has been 30 years since Simba was forced to grow up without a father; since he befriended Timon and Pumbaa and battled the villainous Scar in the first 1994 animated film.

We were able to relive the highs and lows in the live-action version of the film in 2019, now it’s time to return to the Pride Lands.

Mufasa: The Lion King, a prequel film from Disney, will take us back before Simba was born.

As the title implies, the story will this time provide viewers with a more in-depth look at Simba’s father’s childhood, as well as a deeper exploration of his connection with Scar.

James Earl Jones, who voiced Mufasa in 1994 and 2019, has been replaced by Aaron Pierre for the prequel, while Kelvin Harrison Jr. plays Scar, who was voiced by Jeremy Irons in 1994 and Chiwetel Ejiofor in 2019 respectively.

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The new teaser provides our first genuine look at the new Lion King film, which premiered at CinemaCon earlier this month.

A young Mufasa explores the Pride Lands and interacts with the animals, with a voiceover from Rafiki describing him as ‘a lion who was born without a drop of nobility in its blood…a lion who would change our lives forever…a lion who will shape our destiny.’

Rafiki tells Mufasa’s narrative in the current day to Simba and Nala’s daughter, and in true Disney tradition, a few new songs will accompany the story.

When director Barry Jenkins debuted the video in Las Vegas, he hinted that Mufasa will contain new music, but he’s keeping the soundtrack details under wraps.

“They are handcuffing me,” Jenkins told the audience.

“I can’t tell you who made those new songs, but they are absolutely amazing.”

Mufasa is scheduled to be released on December 20.