Microsoft’s AI assistant Copilot is now available to all marketers on the Microsoft Advertising Platform, a month after expanding the testing pool, the firm stated today.

Microsoft promotes CopIlot as a tool that allows advertisers to save time on ordinary operations, focus on strategic decision-making, and increase overall performance. We’ll be keeping a close eye on whether these statements are accurate for advertising.

Copilot provides many AI-powered capabilities within the ad platform, including: Natural language conversational chat for obtaining responses and synthesizing information.

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Recommendations for advertising creative elements such as photos and copy. AI-generated photos and other assets are available on-demand.

Integrated across the platform’s UI and workflows. What it looks like. Here’s a screenshot from the Microsoft platform:

Microsoft Advertising Copilot Adds Assets. And here is what Copilot looks like when answering a question regarding campaign performance:

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Microsoft Copilot Pmax Performance Summary. An future pilot will allow advertisers to utilize Copilot to automatically summarize the performance of certain ad campaigns over chat.