It’s unknown what made Justin Bieber so emotional.

Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself in tears on his Instagram page on Sunday, eliciting queries from fans. Hailey Bieber, his wife, responded to the photo in the comments section, calling him a “pretty crier.” Justin didn’t title the picture, which included multiple unconnected images, so it’s unclear what he was unhappy about.

“Justin, we are here for you brother,” one devoted admirer said in the comments. Another added, “I admire how you are not scared to express your sensitivity and emotions. It’s always good to remember that every celebrity is a human being. “You are loved.” Others were more puzzled as to why Justin was crying. “Please tell me why you are crying. “I’m dying to know!!” a fan inquired.

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While it’s unknown what made Justin so unhappy, the tweet comes after he paid respect to his late friend Chris King on social media earlier this month. Following the rapper’s untimely death, Justin posted on his Instagram Story, “Love you bro. This one hurts. Please remember his family in your prayers. “See you in paradise, brother.” King, 32, was gunned killed in an apparent robbery attempt outside a Nashville music studio. Check out Justin’s latest Instagram post below.

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The tearful shot is one of many selfies in which Justin appears to be in a better mood.