O.J. suffered from prostate cancer. Attorney reveals.

The official cause of death for O.J. Simpson has been revealed. Prostate cancer took the life of the infamous American figure. Malcolm Lavergne, Simpson’s longtime attorney and estate executor, has gotten the death certificate for the disgraced former football player and actor. His death certificate verifies the rumors that O.J. died from cancer. Simpson spent months in hospice care before dying on April 10th.

In May 2023, O.J. revealed that he was battling cancer. O.J. Simpson did not describe the nature of the ailment and hinted that he had conquered it. Simpson, on the other hand, appeared frail in his final public appearances, walking with a cane in January 2024. The former USC Trojan was active on social media in the months before his demise. He also appeared on various podcasts and sports broadcasts during the recent Super Bowl. He was one of the most popular guests on Mase and Cam’ron’s podcast, It Is What It Is.

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O.J. Simpson was discharged from hospice a few days before he died. He died with his loved ones at his side. Unsurprisingly, the response to his passing was split. Although some football fans remember Simpson as a fantastic player, he is best known for his 1995 acquittal on double murder charges. O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his then-ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and a friend, Ronald Goldman. The trial was a nationwide sensation and a watershed moment in popular culture during the 1990s.

Even after O.J. Simpson was declared not guilty, the majority of the public continued to believe that he was responsible for Brown and Goldman’s murders. Goldman’s family later sued O.J. in civil court, and he was found guilty of both Brown’s and Goldman’s deaths and ordered to compensate the families with millions of dollars. Prior to his death, the majority of O.J.’s debt was still due. Overall, O.J.’s death has triggered a flood of memories of his life and the horrific murder that has haunted our culture for over three decades.