Spotify has submitted a new version of its app to Apple, which contains basic pricing information for European consumers. Apple refused that upgrade, causing Spotify to file a complaint with the European Commission.

Apple has inserted a new ‘Music Streaming Services Entitlement,’ rule, which requires up to 27% commission fees on all transactions made through the app—even if they do not use Apple’s in-app purchase mechanism. That fee is equivalent to the 30% Apple would normally receive, less 3% processing fees for a payment processor.

“Despite Apple’s attempts to punish developers with new fees, we remain committed to giving consumers real choice in our app at no increased cost,” Spotify wrote in a public statement regarding the subject on X/Twitter. “This is why we submitted a new update to Apple. It includes basic pricing and website information—the very minimum required by the European Commission’s order in the music streaming case.”

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“Apple continues to break European law by charging developers for communicating with customers via in-app links,” adds Dustee Jenkins, Spotify’s Chief Public Affairs Officer. “It’s past time for the Commission to enforce its decision so that consumers can see real, positive results.”

Apple acknowledges that Spotify’s refusal to accept the new ‘Music Streaming Services Entitlement (EEA)’ is to blame for the app’s recent rejection. “We will approve version 8.9.33 after you accept the terms of the EEA and resubmit it for review,” the rejection email to Spotify reads.

So now it is up to the European Commission to determine whether Apple has completely complied with its ruling. The commission also states that it will review Apple’s App Store adjustments in light of the Digital Markets Act. “In general, if the Commission suspects that there is non-compliance with an adopted decision, it will send the undertaking concerned a Statement of Objections explaining why it believes there is non-compliance,” according to a spokesman for the European Commission.