In the midst of the current rap conflicts, DaBaby claims he received an offer to enter the ring.

During an interview with Shaq and Adam Lefkoe for The Big Podcast, the 32-year-old rapper was questioned regarding the current conflicts in hip-hop, particularly whether or not J. Kendrick Lamar was wrong about Cole’s apologies to the culture.

DaBaby acknowledged that he only heard bits and pieces of the apology, but he appears to believe that his fellow North Carolina MC made the best choice for himself.

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“I feel like it takes a certain kind of man, a respectable man…to leave it where it’s at right there in the beginning and not be swayed by people on the outside who, the second something go left, they gonna jump ship on you anyway,” DaBaby remarked at the 22:19 mark above. “If it ain’t sitting well with him, you know.”

“Go on, leave it alone now before it gets too deep and it gets to a place where you can’t take it back, so you know if it ain’t sit right with you,” he continued.

DaBaby claims that he was still “all for it” when it came to the music despite his tactful response.

He remarked, “It really fired me up.” “You know what I mean? It had me sitting back like, ‘Boy, try me so I can demonstrate.'” I want to sing and dance. I say, “Okay, let’s start rapping.” I promise.

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DaBaby further asserts that Cole received a call from a well-known “certain rapper” who was referred to as “a lyricist” two days following his apology at the Dreamville Festival, with an unusual proposal.

“Man, look at all the back and forth between J,” he remarked. Bro, Cole and Kendrick really pumped me up. I think we ought to belittle one another. We should belittle each other since we are cool behind closed doors. And we are cool, we know we are cool.’ I’m sure that would work, right? However, I feel that it’s also more personal since I wouldn’t say certain things about you if I didn’t truly feel that way about you. Do you understand? “I told him that because I respect you,” I said.

It might be too tough, according to DaBaby, to “belittle” one another during a rap feud and still “coexist on a respectable level.”

“I won’t treat anyone with disrespect for whom I have respect…because of the consequences it will have on my end from my world, from the fabric I am made of,” he continued. “I told you, ‘I respect you, bro, and I appreciate you thinking of me and reaching out.'” I’m going to decline that.