A Tesla Cybertruck driver claims that his almost-new Cybertruck broke down after he drove it to the car wash.

The vehicle’s owner stated that he encountered an issue with the $80,000 truck just a few months after purchasing it, and with only about 3,400 miles on the clock.

He claimed it stopped operating after he scrubbed it with sand from a beach excursion and took it through a car wash.

He stated that despite attempts to reset the vehicle, it did not work, and that while it appeared to be roadworthy, it lacked a working display or speedometer.

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When the TikToker contacted Tesla, they told him that it was a ‘known issue’.

Fortunately for him, by the morning, his pricey set of wheels were back in working order, but he was perplexed when Tesla – who he admits responded quickly to his situation – explained what had happened.

He stated, “What [Tesla] said was, ‘It is a known issue in the Cybertruck that when you do a screen reset, it takes five hours instead of the standard two minutes.'”

“Hopefully it gets addressed in a future software patch.”

He said, “All I want to know is where I can get that computer so I can take it to work.”

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“Sorry boss, I’m resetting my computer, I’ll get to that in a little bit.”

People were perplexed as to why the car had ceased working over something as basic as being washed.


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One said, “There is a 1999 Toyota Corolla out there that will outlive every single Cybertruck on the road.”

Another person said, “I have yet to see a Cybertruck video where the owner isn’t complaining about something being dangerous or not working.”

A third joked, “Did you try putting it in rice??”

It turns out that concerns with washing are noted in the vehicle’s user handbook.

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According to the handbook, failure to put Cybertruck in Car Wash Mode may cause harm (for example, to the charging port or windshield wipers).

“Damage caused by car washes is not covered by the warranty.”

However, challenges with the Cybertruck have not been limited to keeping it clean.


Cybertruck not working after 2 months 3400 miles #cybertruck #tesla #problem #recall

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The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a recall notice for over 4,000 Cybertrucks manufactured between November 13, 2023 and April 4, 2024.

This was due to an unrelated problem with the accelerator pedal.

The recall report stated that “when high force is applied to the pad on the accelerator pedal, the pad may dislodge, causing the pedal to become trapped in the interior trim above the pedal.”

“If the pad on the accelerator pedal becomes trapped in the interior trim above the pedal, the performance and operation of the pedal will be affected, which may increase the risk of a collision.”

Many have been shocked by the flaw, with some alleging it transforms the vehicle into a ‘deathtrap’.